Regional Meets

 September 12, 2020 * UPPER NORTHEAST REGIONAL MEET * Jim Rock’s Annual Barbeque * Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 12th. Come on over to kick tires or one another and enjoy burgers and dogs. Lisa will be making her usual batch of "Haunted Salem Witch Chickens Wings" done with her own secret, spooky recipe. Make sure you arrive with an empty stomach. They are to die for!! Laurie Cabot, the official Salem Witch hopefully will be away on vacation, so I don't expect anyone to suffer any ill effects. After eating until you can barely move, F. Lee Bailey's (O.J. Simpson's trial lawyer) his residence is two blocks away facing the Atlantic Ocean. Take a Walk along Lynn Shore Drive facing Mass. Bay, or just stay put and talk until the moon comes up. Give me a "Toot" to let me know you will be coming, 781-864-1161. Arrival after 11 a.m. is perfect.



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