Billy Linda Huffman

Since we have been members of CVA we hadn't seen a Custom line Victoria on the cover of the Fomoco Times until Tom & Susan Witham in April of 2020. (Nice Car). So, here's our story of our Blue Vic.

We are Billy and Linda Huffman of Middle Tennessee.

We have been Chevy people for years owning 1955,56, and 57's and the last one was a 1950 Chevy Belair.

Two years ago in April, while in Pigeon Forge Tennessee at a car show, we spied Blue Vic. A 1956 Ford Custom line Victoria and it was for sale. It caught our eye with it's beautiful blue and white exterior and gorgeous blue and white upholstery. We fell in (I want it), not I love it. There were a lot of cars for sale that year so we continued looking around but couldn't get Blue Vic off our minds. Needless to say, we went back for the second look. We didn't take any money with us for we weren't planning on buying a car. We called the owner and had him come down and talk to us about it. Billy wanted to test drive it. The car belonged to a classic car dealer. He called Blue Vic a Custom line 300. He didn't realize it is a Custom line Victoria. We knew that it was a 2 door Custom line and didn't realize they only made around 33,000 of these cars according to our research. Billy test drove the car and made him an offer. We told him we didn't bring any money but if he would take a check, we would buy it. He thought about it for a while then accepted our offer.

We take our Motorhome to these shows and camp in Pigeon Forge so l (Linda) had to drive Blue Vic home about 225 miles. Wouldn't you know it poured down rain all the way home and it still has vacuum wipers. I (Linda) drove it fast enough to keep the windshield pretty clear so I could see to drive.

We got home and examined the tires. Billy said you know those tires are 17 years old. They looked newer with no cracks or wear. I told Billy I would never drive another car he buys until he checks the tires. There were a few times I know I was doing 70 miles an hour.

Billy has learned a few things about Blue Vic. It has a 302 HO engine from the 80' s and a C-6 Transmission.

Billy had the engine and transmission gone through and redone. The rear end was replaced with a 1957 Ford 9 inch with 3.10 gears. We are in the process of installing power brakes. He has already installed power steering.

Blue Vic gets a lot of thumbs up and complements. We enjoy the magazine we get and looking at all the beautiful Fords. We hope to see you all someday at a show. We want to Thank Don Stickler for telling us about CVA.

Billy & Linda Huffman