Leroy Kutz Gas Pump

I’ve been looking for an old gas pump for some time, but never found one in MY price range (cheap).

Then one day my neighbor gave me a catalog for making crafts for yard ornaments, bird houses etc. The catalog was from “The Windfield Collection”, www.windfieldcollection.com, if you’re interested.

In the catalog I found a picture of an old gas pump, to be made of wood. Since I was a cabinet maker before working in a steel mill, I thought it might be a good winter project! So, I called the company and ordered the gas pump blueprint, hose, decals, transfer paper and plexiglass. Then I waited for Winter!

When the weather turned cold, I went to the lumber yard and bought 1 x 4‘s, 1 x 8 ‘s, 2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’s, 2 x 12’s, dowels, one sheet of ¾” plywood, and one sheet ¼” plywood.

Now I am ready to start. Of course, I also needed paint, glue, and screws. The material cost me around $330. Not as cheap as I thought it would be! But it will keep me from boredom. And not being in Alice’s hair!

When I opened the blueprint-pattern, the paper measured 3 feet by 8 feet, so I laid it on the pool table in the recreation room next to my workshop. Everything on the pump is made of wood except the hose, plexiglass and decals. The fuel nozzle alone is made up of 13 pieces of wood, and 11 pieces for the globe, etc. The tools needed are a hammer, various clamps, various sanders, screw drivers, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, drill press, router, compound miter saw, jointer, thickness planer, and lots of patience! I decided to make it open-up for storage, using this option it stays in the garage. Without the door it could have stayed outside.

Leroy Kutz Cover

For anyone who enjoys woodworking this is a great project and it will look awesome sitting next to your Ford!

I started making it sometime in December and finished it in January, working on it at times a few hours per day. I might decide to make another without a door so it can stay outside… if I get bored!