This car started out in life belonging to a doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico and he had given it to his son to use while in university. The doctor had removed all the side trim and painted the car white.

After that the doctor sold it to someone in Albuquerque, New Mexico who picked up a set of side trim for a 1955 Mercury. He sold it to the man in Chama that I bought it from. Dick Snyder went to Missouri and got me a wagon with the correct trim on it, which we restored and used.

I purchased the 1956 Mercury Wagon in Chama, New Mexico. I had recruited fellow club members Craig and Sharon Seyfried of Cannon City, Colorado to go and look at it for me. With Craig's approval I made the purchase. Craig and Sharon were good enough to go back and pick up the wagon and bring it to a regional meet at Yates Centre, Kansas that fall. Gerald Upshall and Dick Snyder went with me to pick it up. We had a short visit with many club members at that meet in that interesting little town.

We got the car back home OK and a couple weeks later started working on the wagon. We did not do a frame off restoration on it - as is was going to be a good driver quality car. Our body and paint guy could not believe how clean and solid the body was. The motor and the transmission were completely rebuilt.

I sent the chrome out to get done. Next, I ordered a complete interior from fellow club member Ron Murray at ABC Interiors. Rebuilding the power windows power seats, power brakes and power steering came next.

Everything was going along at record time, except the body and paint. A few months later I got a call telling me it was done. My son, Kevin, and I went and picked up the body and the assembly began.

 The wood graining…a man from Hamilton, Ontario came to do this for me. He is a very talented man who did an excellent job. Next we were off to the upholstery shop.


Spring came and off we go.The first trip was to a club regional meet in Marshall, Michigan hosted by Ken and Barb Vanniman and Dave and Linda Colley. We had a great time and still enjoying cruising in the wagon.

Accessories include:
Power steering, power windows, power brakes, power seat, Town and Country Radio, correct compass, Window vent shades, sun visor, day/night mirror, wheel covers with spinners, fender skirts, spot lights, fog lights, locking gas cap, wide white walls, tinted glass, automatic start.

The body color is Heath Green. The interior is two tone green.

Parts were purchased from: Restoration Specialties, T-Bird Products, Ford Parts Store, Concours Parts, and Larry's Thunderbird


Judy kind of claims this car - I think it's her favorite!

Submitted by John Riordon