At the annual Crown Victoria National Convention, we have both Display Class and Judged Class cars. The majority of cars at the convention are in the Display Class, and are voted on by everyone who regIsters at the convention. The cars that are entered in the Display Class are vehicles that dub members drive or trailer to the convention and usually drive to various dub activities that take place during the week long convention. Display Class cars are for the most part drivers, cars that have been restored to drive and have fun with. Judged cars, on the other hand, are cars that have been restored for CVA Concours Judging. Judged cars are almost always trailered to the convention in an enclosed trailer. They must be restored exactly as they were when they left the factory. Exterior and interior colors must match the data plate and be colors that were available on that year and model of car. The tires must be bias ply not radial and they must be the proper size for the year and model of the car. If a car came from the factory with a six volt electrical system it must still have a six volt electrical system and not converted to a twelve volt system. Radial tires and six-to-twelve volt conversions are okay for Display Class cars but not Judged cars.

For Judged Class cars, the CVA judges used a 1,000 point system. Best of Show is minimum 90% of 1,000 points. First Place is minimum 85% of 1,000 points. Second Place is minimum 80% of 1,000 points. Third Place is minimum 75% of 1000 points.

When a restoration is completed a car should not be driven until you have it judged because of the underside of the car has to be as clean as the rest of the car. Points are taken off in the Judged Class for dirt. When you have completed your restoration and just before you load the car in the trailer to transport it to the convention for judging it should be put on a hoist if possible and the underside completely cleaned.

If a person is going to all the trouble and expense to restore a car it should be done right. There are CVA technical advisors for 1954,1955 and 1956 and a Y-Block advisor that are listed on page one of every Fomoco Times. There is an updated Restored Class judging sheet that is available from the CVA main office in Bryan, Ohio. H you are going to restore a car the first thing you should do is call or email Bryan, Ohio and get a Restored Class Judging Sheet. Read the judging sheet over completely and if there is any part of it that you don't understand contact any technical advisor. You will probably find that during the restoration process you may have to contact your tech advisor many times.

Please call or email the technical advisor for year of car your are working on. The CVA technical advisors are knowledgeable on all three years but they are experts on the year that is listed in front of their names on page of the the Fomoco Times. Also if you need technical advice on your engine contact, Mike Suter the CVA Y-Block advisor.

- submitted by Joe Shields, Chief Judge

- This article appeared as the cover story in the October 2010 issue of Fomoco Times.