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In your previous issue of FoMoCo Times, you asked for people to write in about their love for cars. We are new members and can't wait until the magazine arrives monthly. I would love to see our car on the front cover if possible. My husband would be so thrilled to see our car on the cover. He doesn't know I sent this in. Shhh ! Thanks.

This story is about my husband Roy and I (Mary Ann). We were childhood sweethearts since freshman year, who actually just lived across the train tracks from each other in Chicago Illinois. We both took a liking to the oldies very early in our lives. From the oldie songs to the great cars from way back then.

Until today, in our mid-sixties we just love that era. Actually, we dated 7 years before we married in 1977, and this year we celebrate 45 years.

We have had many antique cars. We started out with a 1966 Rivera, dark gray in color, then to a 1974 Pontiac Fire Bird Bright Red in color, which we purchased brand new. We attended a whole lot of car shows. Then, we purchased a 1957 Chevy 2 door 210 Hardtop. Boy did we have the fun with that car. We were even asked to display our 57 in the opening of the Harrah’s Casino in Joliet Illinois and were asked to drive our good friends’ parents on their 25th anniversary from home to church.

After having years of fun with family and friends with our 57, our two children Sandy and Michael were getting into college. We then sold our 1957 to put them thru college. It was the right thing to do at that time. It hurt a bit but was worth it. We opted for a fishing boat for a few years, but it just wasn't the same. Don't get me wrong we did like to fish. We looked and looked for another 57 Chevy but just couldn't afford what was out there. Then at that time we were sorry we sold it. We then fell in love with pickups. We purchased a 1949 Chevy Pickup 5 window from Logansport Indiana. Had our fun at car shows but the heat on black tops was getting to us. We then decided only to do Charity shows on black top and go to cruise nights. Then, my daughter met her sweetheart, Larry. They married In June. We drove our 49 Chevy Pick Up in the wedding party along with a 1955 Crown Victoria Red in color owned by our friend Jim. Jim also has a 1955 Pink Crown Victoria. Jim showed up at the wedding with his red Crown Vic and my daughter Sandy said Noooo I wanted the pink one. We had no time to go back to his house and get the pink one. The ceremony started in half an hour. Ray and I admired Jim’s car years before the wedding. The Wedding Pictures were beautiful with It.

We then traveled to Indiana where we came across a 1950 Ford Pick Up.  We purchased that one too.  It had flames all over the truck.  Every cruise night the kids were more than thrilled over it than the adults.  They called it the fire truck.  We even had the children sit in the driver’s seat and parents took their pictures.  The smiles on their faces were priceless.

We talked about selling the trucks and buying a 1955 Ford Crown Vic with a continental kit.  We just loved our friends two Vics.  He would not sell either.  Our daughter, Sandy, overheard us and started looking for us.  Didn’t tell us she was looking.  She came across our 1955 Ford Crown Victoria with a continental kit in Ohio.  It was red and white.  The original color was Holiday Rose.  It didn’t take us long to get on the road, and off we went on a five-hour ride to Greenville, Ohio.  Couldn’t wait until we saw it.  The owner pulled it out of the storage shed and our eyes lit up like fireworks.  We started it and the engine purred.  Oh!  That sound.  We asked the owner why she was selling it.  Her story was sad.  Her husband took ill and had to sell all three of their antique cars.  No hesitating, we bought it and told her it was going to a good home.  Her continental kit had a decal across it, saying Sherry Baby and the beginning lyrics to that song. Her husband surprised her by putting that on the kit for their anniversary.

Her name is Sherry. She was very sad to see it go. Looking at the title, the former owner bought it at auction at Mecum Auto in Florida. It's been a year since we purchased it and it has been to a few shows and cruise nights. People ask if I'm Sherry and my husband says no that he would have to court to change my name and people laugh. We tell them the meaning of the story behind it.  Friends have asked us to remove it from the kit, but we just can't. It draws much attention kit to the older crowd, which is ok.  Who doesn’t know the song Sherry Baby?  Many take pictures by the kit because their name just happens to be Sherry or they know someone named Sherry, or they just love to take pics by the carhop tray.  I’m sure this Crown Vic will be our last.  Sorry, we have to leave for now.  We are going cruising!

Mary Ann & Roy Majkowski